Privacy / Terms and conditions

Last update: March, 2018

General Information website and ReConvert Applications are opt-in customer conversion solutions developed by Spinach Consultancy LLC. Our company register number is: L-18252.

You (the partner) agree that once you add our tracking code onto your website or application, you grant us the right to track your visitors for the express purpose of re-engaging with them in order to convert to active customers.

We agree that we will only store data about failed or abandoned registrations. We will never store your successful registrations or active customer data without our communications platform.

Once we have reconverted a lost customer to an active customer, they will be associated with us via our affiliate identity.

We agree to never share, sell or divulge any of your customer, website or mobile application data with any third parties.

As we are located within the EU and many of our partners are based or have operations within the EU we must comply with the GDPR coming into effect in May 2018. We already have our data protection policy and data processing record in place. We take privacy and security very seriously.

Your requirements as an operator dictate that you should make an amendment to your privacy and / or terms and conditions so that you are declaring the use of the ReConvert script within your website or applications.

Here is a snippet you can use or your can edit as you wish:

“We use an active script on our website / application that tracks all abandoned registrations. This allows us to follow up with you to help you complete your registration at a later time. The only data we capture is your email address, only if you enter it into a field on a form.

We will then contact you at that address to offer you the chance to complete your registration. If you do not wish to, you may request to have your data removed from our system and we will not contact you again. Providing you do not start another registration process. “

We also advise that you make a clear text statement on your registration forms that indicate you are using a system that tracks abandoned registrations for full disclosure. This is 100% your decision and ReConvert are not responsible if any customer makes a complaint about this either directly to you (the operator) or us (the provider), ReConvert.


If you have any questions or comments about this please contact: